Eight Types of Massages and Their Health Benefits

You should not wait for your body to break down before considering a European massage Dubai. The accumulated stress and tension in the body can have detrimental effects on your health and well-being. Getting a massage is one of the well-known ways of relieving the body of this accumulated stress. There are different kinds of massages that offer different benefits and treat various conditions. In this article, we will be talking about eight popular massage techniques and why they are good for your health.

Trigger Point Massage

This is the combination of two common types of massage, deep tissue and Swedish techniques. The main aim is to target specific areas of discomfort that may have knots or stiffness brought on by stress. It is good at releasing tension in target areas of the body.


The Swedish massage technique is the most common method of giving a massage. It is commonly given to aid relaxation and put the body in a good state.

Deep Tissue Massage

Just as the name implies, deep tissue, massage works the tissues that are deep within the body. This method is used to relieve pain and tension deep within the body that is often brought about by stress. It requires more pressure than the previous massage and sometimes can be painful.

Sports Massage

This is the massage given to sportspersons, athletes, and people who frequent the gym. If you have a very active lifestyle or go to the gym a lot, a sports massage is best for you. It helps athletes recover from injury and get back on track in the best time possible.


Pregnant women can get massages as well but must be performed by a professional. This is given during pregnancy and can help alleviate pain in parts of the body like the joints, feet, and back.


With this kind of massage, the belief is that certain parts of the body affect other areas of the body. For example, massaging specific points on the foot may help relieve stomach pain. The masseur works key areas on the hand and foot to help ease issues like pain, mental illness, and increase relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

A great way to get some relief from problems like chronic pain is to get a hot stone massage. It makes use of the conventional Swedish technique in addition to using hot stones on the body as well. This is especially good for reducing stress, tension, and targeting certain areas of the body with consistent pain.


Another popular massage is the aromatherapy massage technique. Here, any massage technique listed above can be used in addition to aromatherapy. This involves the use of essential oils that can either be diffused or applied directly to the skin. The oils coupled with the massage combat both physical and mental conditions like anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, and so on. Visit European Spa and massage center to book a session.

Eight Types of Massages and Their Health Benefits